Stato-engines with enlarged industrial use, enhancing deployment of alternative energy sources to heat-based applications.

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Innovation strategy


Development of efficient thermal power systems and engines to take with the industrial deployment of alternative energy sources to high power applications.


Industrial application enlargement of stato-engines through lower functional power densities, bringing to the industry technical and commercial advantages due to simplicity; such as mass, size, costs of conception, maintenance and exploitation reduction.

Development issue

Concept of low power stato-engines requires the characterization of alternative compression processes directly fed by the energy source of the engine itself in regard to supersonic ram-compression  processes implemented in the current art.


A new functional description of stato-engines has been formulated, defining a working combined with functional descriptions of internal combustion engines and turbojet engines.

At comparable characteristics to turbomachines, the description presents energy efficiency increased by 8% into an enlarged functional compression ratio ranges which suggests largest industrial application potential.

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 We develop, study, specify and design static power machines and static engines which take with the emergence of alternative heat-based energy sources.


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